A great business opportunity to be part of the vibrant, friendly & profitable “Buena Vista” brand.

We’re looking for a passionate franchisee¬†/ restauranteur to join our team. We need more top level people in order to manage our growth. For more information please contact George directly. See his details below.

“The Passion behind the Brand”

To say George Kondoyiannus is passionate about the “Buena Vista” brand is an understatement. And when you meet him to talk business you’ll understand why, as he explains how he plans to deliver the Buena Vista experience, to more cities in South Africa (and the rest of Africa).

“The brand has proven itself to be a very popular and profitable business, as is evident from the five established restaurants in the Western Cape.”
“We’ve learned some lessons along the way, but this is what’s necessary to create a recipe for success. Buena Vista had grown up to become a recognized brand in the South African marketplace.”

Please contact George if you’re interested in becoming part of the “Buena Vista” family or simply want to know more.

021 418 2467 / 68